Small Business: Agriculture, Construction, Oil & Gas

What we do:

Help small/medium businesses meet their legislative requirements by creating a safety culture and process that will reduce their risk exposure. 

Pain Points

 Don't know what to do?

 Call us! We have a proven step by step implementation process

 Need better contracts?

 Call us!  We can help you Work towards Getting COR (Certificate of Recognition) -

 Increasing costs due to incidents and equipment damage?

 Call us! We will work with your team to reverse the cycle and lower incident rates

 Don't have an Environmental, Health and Safety program? 

 Call us! We can not just write you one, but also help you implement it so it assists you in improving your business

 High rate of injuries or incidents?

 Call us! We will work with your team to reverse the cycle and lower incident rates

 Limited budget?

 Call us! We will create a cost-effective solution within your budget!


HAVING WCB IS NOT ENOUGH! Business owners are also expected to follow the OHS Legislation as well. The fines can be crippling for a small business after an incident or investigation if the employer was found to be at fault. 

  • A comprehensive service offering all the services of a full time Environmental Health and Safety Specialist, on a part time, as needed budget.
  • ensuring compliance with WCB and OHS (Occupational Health & Safety) Legislation
  • assisting companies with WCB registration and advocacy
  • providing quality and easy to use safety systems
  • Analyze client safety needs and current business obstacles
  • Identify project needs, scope potential business solutions, and improve efficiency by developing and assisting with the implementation of a customized environmental, health, and safety program.
  • Provide Environmental, Health and Safety Consulting services along with digital tools to assist clients in developing and implementing a Health and Safety program.
  • Update the Environmental Health and Safety manual, tools, templates and forms
  • Maintain and monitor all documentation through software platform
  • WCB assistance: Ensuring the client is protected with the right coverage and industry code; incident reporting &/or NOT reporting; Claims management including return to work and modified work guidance and programs;
  • OHS (Occupational Health & Safety): Ensuring the client is working towards meeting OHS requirements through a step by step implementation system; COR and SECOR certification; Incident response and investigations; site inspections; Safety Meetings and Toolbox Talks; Safety Training; Environmental Health and Safety Coaching/Consulting
  • Training Coordination and Scheduling
  • Employee Support Service – helping injured workers understand the WCB process with a goal of a successful return to work through guidance and support – Being injured creates a lot of stress, anxiety, confusion, and unknowns. When workers have the right support, they are able to accommodate the employer as expected. Helping workers meet all the employers’ requirements, meeting, treatments, documentation. Many workers also don’t know what to do. Supporting the worker, also supports the employer and gets the worker back to work successfully sooner. This improves the safety culture of the entire staff as the rest of the employees witness their colleague being taken care of.

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